Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: The pump on my topical gel stopped dispensing, or isn't giving full pumps

A: This is a fairly common issue with the airless pump bottles used. if an air pocket gets trapped in the pump assembly then the bottle stops pumping correctly.  The remedy is commonly called burping the bottle - this is achieved by removing the bottom cap from the bottle (the one with the lot code and exp date on the bottom of the bottle) and using your finger or another object to reach up into the bottle and apply force to the piston in the center of the bottle to push it up, while also pumping the bottle (the airless pump works using a vacuum - the piston moves up the bottle as the gel is dispersed).  This will forcefully expel the air from the pump assembly and should resolve the issue.

If there is gel/liquid leaking from the bottom of the bottle, this likely means the bottle has experienced some trauma and the plug in the piston has been pushed open.  If the center plug is still in place, but open, you can press it closed or you can tap it with a tool - we use a small rubber hammer to gently tap it closed.

 Bottom of the bottle with bottom cap installed:

bottom plate side

Bottom Cap partially lifted:

Bottom cap removed and piston exposed - center plug pushed in and sealed: