Dream Tea

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Dream Tea is a bulk tea which is prepared and drank as a relaxing and calming beverage.

Each bag of Dream Tea contains 3 1/2 oz of loose leaf tea, which will make about 20 cups of tea.


    What does Dream Tea contain and how does it work?

    Dream Tea includes a mix of skullcap (USA - scutellaria lateriflora), chamomile flower (Egypt -matricaria recutita), passionflower (Italy - passiflora incarnate), valerian root (USA - valeriana officinalis), spearmint (USA - mentha spicata), rosemary (Spain - rosmarinus officinalis), hibiscus (Egypt - hibiscus sabdariffa), lemon verbena (Argentina - aloysia triphylla), orange peel (USA - citrus sinensis), vanilla roobios (Africa) and stevia (Argentina - stevia rebaudiana). All ingredients are certified organic by OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic) and are unsurpassed for freshness and taste. As you can see, we traveled around the world to gather these precious herbs (well, not literally).

    Dream Tea is longer acting and milder than the Sleep Scent. When consumed 20-30 minutes before bed, Dream Tea allows a busy mind to slow down, calms the nerves, and induces a mild state of tranquility to prepare the mind for deep REM sleep.

    Research has proven the Dream Tea herbs to improve sleep quality and reduce time-to-sleep (sleep latency). One study reported patients had “immediately fallen into a deep sleep” after consuming chamomile tea, thus showing a reduction in sleep latency. (9) Studies with valerian also showed men who consumed valerian had improvements in sleep quality and reductions in sleep latency, compared to placebo. (10,11) Research with passionflower has shown it can prolong sleep and reduce spontaneous locomoter activity. (12)


    Why buy from Iconic Formulations?

    Our tea is imported in small quantities and packed in our own facilities. This ensures that each bag of Dream Tea is less than several weeks old, unlike mass marketed conventional tea which may sit in warehouses for months or years. Plus our tea is 100% organic, free of harmful fertilizers and pesticides.  Additionally, our packaging is 100% compostable.